Thursday, March 12, 2009

Santa Sangre

Santa Sangre, is a movie by Alejandro Jodorowsky, and one of my all time favorite. I make it a point to watch this movie at least once a year.  
Originally Jodorowsky was supposed to make this movie about a famous Mexican serial killer. He scrapped that idea for parts and made this surrealist masterpiece that closely resembles Psycho . From tattooed vixens to an elephant funeral that has to be seen to be believed this movie is fucking brilliant. 

Oh la la

I am a bit peeved that i have to hold on to my battered video cassette from the early 90's to watch this baby. There is a DVD but I don't feel like shelling down the bucks for an all region DVD player just to watch the import edition. 
So come on Jodorowsky! Whats keeping this one out of  us yanks hands? I know it has nothing to do with The Beatles, John Lennon, or  Alan Klein. So wheres the beef

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