Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purling Hiss - Lounge Lizards

Holy shit it's another down and dirty release by Purling Hiss those scuzz monsters from Philly. Man-oh-man do they deliver with this new ep Lounge Lizards. It sounds like its been recorded over and over on a shitty cassette and played in your brothers pickup truck, but what the fidelity may lack, the 'I'm gonna fuck yer shit up" attitude more than delivers. I fucking dare you to listen to " Midnight Man", complete with chainsaw sound effect opening, and not wanna join an 80's street gang. I triple dog dare you to play "The Hoodoo" in your car one of these summer nights and not feel the carefree vibes of youthful reckless abandonment. Good god damn does this music got swagger! Scrounge your pennies together boys, this ones a doozy.

Jürgen Müller - Waterworld

Some serious syrupy Kosmic Komische going on here. Perfect for drifting away in the AC on a sweltering summer night.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remember when I was in PARIS? Of course you do!

My lady just made this rad video of us and our AMAZING friend AGATHE in Frenchy land. Watching this makes me want to go back there so bad! Im gonna be on the lookout for the German video!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gary War - Born of Light

Hey everybody! I worked on this Gary War music video for a whole weekend. I'm also in it. Can you guess where? I'm super proud of it so spread the word!

Born Of Light (The Legend) from headroom films on Vimeo.