Thursday, January 10, 2013


The first time I listened to Venom P. Stinger I kinda hated them. Hardcore punk but it sounds off and weird? Couldnt wrap my head around'em. With a second and third listen i'm diggin on them HARD. A little like Scratch Acid, no? Gotta love that Aussie punk from the 80's!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Records of 2012

In no particular order here are the tunes I was smittin with this year. Some wild shit this year. Hold onto your butts!

Kraus - Supreme Commander

GR -  A Reverse Age

 Aluk Todolo -  Occult Rock

Spacin' - Deep Thuds

 Puffy Areolas - 1982 Dishonorable Discharge

Hashbrown - The Walk On

Camera - Radiate!

Verma - Exu

Glow Factory

 Lamps - Under The Water Under The Ground

AZURAZIA - Original soundtrack Lowering the Mediterranenan, irrigating the Sahara

Best Reissue

Palais Schaumburg

 Noh Mercy

Lost Sounds - Lost Lost    um so no sounds clips anywhere for this one ughhh

Gunter Schickert  - Uberfallig

 Can - Lost Tapes

 Bizarros - 1976-1980