Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tommi Stumpff

Gotta love this crazy Germ! RIPE for rediscovery. Stumpff made the most amazing, ANGRY electronic music I've ever heard, YEARS ahead of its time. If Fad Gadget had thrown out those lame cabaret influences, took a bunch of speed, and channeled some serious hate they may have gotten close to the genius of Stumpff. Stumpff frequently had Conny Plank engineer his work and you can tell in the arrangements. Don't investigate anything past 1988,  he gets very generic. Go forth and find his compilation Mich Kriegt ihr nicht [Back up 1982-1985)

I cant get over the sheer awesomeness that is "Seltsames Gluck". It's everything I've ever wanted from the meeting place of punk and electronics: aggressive, dissonant, forward thinking, propulsive, volatile and explosive.  Dig that cowboy twanging geeeeeetarrrrrr in thar!

"Mich Kriegt Ihr Nicht" is the soundtrack to a post apocalyptic tribes late night shanking of a poor twisted soul, screams and all.

"Contergan Punk" is Nine inch Nails before NIN, except exceptionally better.

"Ehre und Blut" is WWII trench-frontline drag queen contest musack. 

You need this album to feed your soul the bile it has always craved. Or  maybe you just want to listen to someone yell at you in German with crazy sound effects...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hey Ya'll I got a sister blog i've started called LIFE STINKS: Ohio Rock & Roll all about music that came out of Ohio. A continuation of a previous post I did on this blog. No, it doesn't have anything to do with bro-rocksters The Black Keys. I'll be talking about Devo, Pere Ubu, electric eels, mirrors, Clone Records, Rubber City Rebels, and much more! Check it out my friends!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family Curse

What the fuck are you doing? Seriously do you have any idea? I mean come on buddy get your shit together. Your ears should be consuming the glorious sonic destruction that is Family Curse. Out of control spastic post-punk burners that sounds like a band continuously falling down the stairs but still keeping their respective shit together. Angular as fuck (I don't care how overused that term is for post punk stuff because here if fits and feels gooooood). Reminds of something that GSL would have released back in the early aughts only with more UMPH and chutzpaaaaaaaaaaah!

The bass line on "Julia Armant" is so deliciously slippery and zigzaggity I dunno whether to dance or freak out (just do both you freaks). "Middle Aged America" sounds like a rougher, leaner, meaner, Brainiac with a bombastic drum/vocal attack style that thrashes your music sensibilities into oblivion. Family Curse scratches that weirdo art punk itch so fucking well that you need to go to the store and drop your coins on their 7in immediately. Then sit in your room and wait till they drop a full length.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blasted Canyons - 2nd Place

It's almost summertime kiddies and this new plastic disk by Blasted Canyons ,"2nd Place", is fan-fucking-tastic!
The stand out track that's currently occupied my ear canals for the past week, "Holy Geometry", is like running through a fuzzy VHS copy of Greg Araki's "Doom Generation". Its moody thanks to a deep n creepy bowel busting synth line bubbling in the background, but its also got propulsive drums, a chugging guitarline and fantastic vocals that makes for running round town at 2AM with your friends to get nachos. Pick it up on Castle Face Records you geeks and breath in that weirdo midnight magic!