Thursday, March 31, 2011

You should be listening to BLOODSHOT BILL

This guy is like Hasil Adkins on speed . Keep it nice & greasy buddy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LANTERN - Deliver Me From Nowhere...

Lantern, the brainchild of Zachary Fairbrother (guitarist of the late great OMON RA II ) have just dropped the amazing tape "Deliver Me From Nowhere..." for your ear holes to digest. Its a romp through protopunk blues that will leave you howling at the moon like a woodland maniac.

The opener "Crude Vessels of Sound" is a mind melting tour de force of power guitar pyrotechnics. It builds slowly over a serene Midwestern plain, then doused with gasoline, set on fire, and scorched to cinders, leaving only charred remains to bake in a harsh desert sun. Reminds me of Neil Young's solos for the "Dead Man" soundtrack mixed with a little early Ash Ra Temple or perhaps Guru Guru and a heavy dose of FUZZ. I'll be listening to this monster when the super volcano explodes in Yosemite. Check out the justifiably, virtuous music video shot and edited in part by Alex Hungtai of Dirty Beaches and Jackie Lachance.

Lantern from Jacqueline Lachance on Vimeo.

"Feeln' Like I Might End Up Dead" is straight up death row blues, with Zachary murmuring over gentle guitar lines about strange dreams. "Come On Rip Let's Take A Trip" is harmonica laced, Native American drumming, reverb drenched, Appalachian backwoods snake handling, coal miners music. Seriously folks, that harmonica sound is religious magic to warn all non-believers to get their shit together before the second coming.
"Screemin' Dream" is a Bo Diddley party stomper complete with twangy drum smacks/handclaps and chunky guitar riffs. Get down and grungy to the Hasil Adkins cover of "I'm Happy" recorded in the back of some scuzzy West Virginia redneck bar at 2AM. The closer "In The Night Alone" starts off as a stripped down 50's slow dance, then drops off into Lynchian nightmare territory of doom laden keyboards, complete with rain sound effects. I feel like I should be walking back to my apartment to find my own dead rotting body on my bed ala' "Mulholland Drive".
Dig this tape hard ya'll. I think you'll be hearing a lot from Mr. Fairbrother in the future and I'm looking forward to see where he's gonna take us next.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ashes in the Sun

So yeah I trimmed the fat off my ep and added a rad new jam. If you like krautrock, komische, punk, post-punk, and the work of Klaus Dinger (my fucking idol!) you may dig this. If you read this blog (I know you do! I have god damn google analytics!) let me know what ya think! Keep it real ya'll!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Protometal MADNESS

Spring is in the air, I can feel it maaaaaan. Time for a PROTOMETAL SAMPLER. 50 bands that will destroy your brain with FUZZ DESTRUCTION. So get your woman (or man), hop on your Harley, ride into the desert, and meet an Indian medicine man who will guide you on a spiritual acid journey into self discovery. Or uhh drink a beer and kick back. This shit is gonna buttrock you into submission.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peaking Lights - 936

Peaking Lights, a married musical duo in Spring Green California, bang out hissing, druggy, haze drenched, tapes that pull you into static laced labyrinths of sound. Fuzzy to the MAX. Well guess what? They cleaned up their sound and dropped a serious holy-shit-this-is-turning-my-mind-into-golden-goo of an album called 936. This record is steeped in late night voodoo disco dub magik of the highest caliber. Listen to the samples, drool staring at the floor for a bit, and then order this record PRONTO! Supplies are god damn limited son!