Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disturbing Movies and TV shows i saw as a kid that warped me forever

Here are some intensely scary things i saw as a kid that are a little too scary. These images still frighten me even to this day. Why oh why oh why were 80's kids movies and TV so fucking scary?


This movie is kinda like if your unicorn trapper keeper from grade school became a film and Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack. It has fantastic sets and special effects and wow Tim Curry is fucking brilliant in it as what... the devil? However i remember seeing this on the ole USA network back in the day and being freaked the fuck out by MEG MUCKLEBONES see below

When i first saw this : Ran to my room crying, pants filled with poop.


Ok Lets make a sequel to The Wizard of Oz based on the original books. Oh by the way this one is going to make you want to hide behind the couch because there is a witch who can change heads , scary wheelers, Tick Tock, and  a rock man thing that eats people. Did i mention Dorthy's electro shock therapy? What the hell is going on here?  As a side note Henry Selick ,director of The Nightmare before Christmas, did the character designs for this movie. Can you tell?  Take a close look at the pumpkin head. Exactly the same as Jack Skeleton  in the beginning TNBC...


This isnt so much scary but it was strange. A duck vampire that eats vegetables instead of drinking blood. Genius. I love the animation in this show. I always thought it should be made into a kids animated movie... Listen to the ending credits song. So fucking badass!


Last episode... they die! Well turn into trees? This is soooo creepy/sad/ poetic? Look how sad the fox is!!!! This is were my love of orchestra/synth comes from...


Oh Terry Gilliam what you did to my childhood just ain't right but it was um. Yeah this movie is weirder than weird but i lurve it. Its dark and involves time travel. Dont forget the ultimate evil. 


You are never going to tell me that rock creature wasn't scary. Look at those googly eyes! I love the sets in this movie. Forests done a studio. Gotta love it. But yet again very dark looking?


Besides the fact that this movie is David and his "Bowie" its also a great kids movie that has some frightening imagery. Yet another film entirely done in a studio and It shows. What the fuck are these things??????

And this???


The name says it all. This whole movie feels like one big scary acid dream. Those little evil chicken/raptor things are soooo freaky! They just makes me want to rip off my face.


I used to watch this movie all the time when i was a kid. Its so strange and highly inappropriate for children ( crazy nazi references,and atomic war!) . Yet i watched this when i was 6 and have loved Bakshi's films ever since.

I know you want to tell me to save the rain forest from pollution but please dont do it this way...

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  1. Aside from the fact that I've never seen half of these (BIG surprise there...I must have been living under a rock in the 80s...or just watching Disney movies)...

    "Return to Oz" was awesome (I LOVED this film, except those fucking wheelers made me cringe.) However, it was fun pretending that sandwiches could grow on tress, and my cousin and I gleefully re-enacted those scenes by carefully avoiding the deadly desert that was the carpet in our living room.

    "Ferngully": Hexxus......was creeptastic. And of course, it had to be the voice Tim Curry.