Monday, March 9, 2009

Enki Bilal

Enki Bilal is an amazing comic book artist from France. I discovered his work hidden away in midtown comics in a graphic novel called "The Beast Trilogy 1&2". The artwork just floored me.
However, trying to find more of this guys work in the states is a little bit difficult. Some of his work has been brought over by DC comics but even then they are still hard to find. His masterwork the The Nikopol Trilogy has completely vanished except for some pretty expensive imports via Thank god my friend Agethe ( who has told me that Bilal is a comic book superstar in her native France) scored me one. Although it is in french, its still fun skimming through the unbelievable artwork and well worth the time painstakingly translating it.
You can still see The Nikopol here in the states albeit film form via Immortal, a film Mr. Bilal directed himself. I've heard this film is god awful and by the looks of the trailer, the extensive use of CGI is sickening. I'd stick to his fantastic comics.
Happy Hunting :)

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