Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lantern/Dirty Beaches - Live At Glasslands

Cop this free download from my buddies Lantern ASAP sucka! Its fucking FREEEEEEE. This is some serious skronk'n, blown out tape, proto-metal, proto-punk, dirge-y, free-form freak rock-n-roll that takes your brain into"Holy Shit" frame of mind. You like that High Rise Live album? You're gonna love this then, thanks to Zachary's dominating use of dive bomb, fuzz wah, attack. Its like he's using electrified razor wire instead of guitar strings! Alex from Dirty Beaches just freaks the fuck out like a raving Damo Suzuki fucking TomWaits in a rockabilly brawl on the microphone. If you liked Lantern's American Razorwire EP, you'll dig this for sure!

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