Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Records 2011

Best Reissues:
Reatards - Teenage Hate

Throbbing Gristle - Second Annual Report/The Third and Final Report/20 Jazz funk
Greats/Heathen Earth

Jeff & Jane Hudson - Flesh

Best 7in:
Lantern - I Don't Know/Out Of Our Heads

Dirty Beaches - Lone Runner

Great music video as well...

Ty Seagall - Spiders

Best compilation:
CastleFace Records - Group Flex

This thing is so damn fun and has great tunes!

Best Live album:

Best Albums:
1.Royal Headache -Royal Headache

This album is absolutely fucking stunning. Take 60's soul singing add a dash of 80's college rock and mix it all up with a heavy dose of garage punk and DAMN you are the best band of the year and no ones heard you! Get this album pressed in the states guys! You deserve a wider audience.

2.Peaking Lights - 936

Equal parts late night vampire voodoo roller rink disco and dreamy sunshiny pop bliss.

3.Thee Oh Sees - Castlemania Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Each release keeps getting better and weirder. Love these guys. You've come along way from Pink and Brown Mr. Dwyer.

4.Blues Control and Laraji - FRKY's Vol. 8

Excuse me while I drift on milky white stars into infinity.

5. Dirty Beaches - Badlands

Mother fucker made 50's croon and rockabilly, sexy, scary and cool again. Paging David Lynch, here's the music to any movie you ever make again.

6.The Men - Leave Home

These Brooklyn boys got some serious chops. This album and in particular this song blew my fucking mind. Neu meets hardcore? Sign me the fuck up.

7.Soft Moon - Total Decay

Going a little industrial but still keeping the post-punk skronk on top. Love this guys whole mindset towards music.

8.Ty Segall - Singles 2007-2010

I'm putting this here because I really hate Goodbye Bread. Don't get me wrong some of the songs on that album are good, especially live. I think the production tears the whole fucking thing down. Blander than a beige living room on christmas ya''ll. Thank god he's not sticking to that formula as indicated by that Spiders single. Phew!

9.Sun Araw - Ancient Romans

Ahh yeah! Lets travel back in time in our fucking minds. Heady synth blobs and globs all over this gem.

10.Human Eye - They Came From The Sky

What if aliens decided garage punk was cool? Timmy Vulgar knows.

Song of the Year:
John Maus - Believer
This was the JAM over the summer. Seeing him live ?(was at that show) Totally fucking nuts. The man is pure energy!

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