Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spaghetti Rock: Italian Rock music of the 70's

The fertile grounds of the early 1970's birthed many freaky weird yet interesting styles of rock & roll. Germany had Krautrock (Can,Faust,Neu!), Japan had uhh Jap Rock (Les Rallizes Denudes, J.A.Ceasar, Flower Traveling Band), France had Zeuhl (Magma, Eskaton, Weidorje), but what about Italy? Some pasta eating, gumbas had to be blowing their minds on rock in the most amazing fashion right? RIGHT.

Here's a chunk of similar minded music that represents Italy's own warped take on Rock n Roll in the 1970's pre punk era that ill tag with a semi derogatory name: Spaghetti Rock. I'm not gonna lie, some of these bands veer into the classical style symphonic prog rock with serious flute action, and operatic vocal styles, but don't let that deter you because you'll miss out on atonal synth action, bizarre concept records and ghoulish atmospheres that only the Italians could have whipped up.

Velvet Underground worshiping psychedelic raga burnouts. Goes into territory that Thee Oh Sees crawled all over on Carrion Crawler/The Dream, but ya know 40 years early.

I've written about Battiato before on this blog calling him an Italian Eno, but really that comment should be reveresed as Battiato's album Fetus came out before Eno's solo efforts. Batiato's 1970's work is beatiful, haunting, and WAY ahead of the curve.

Epic prog rock concept album about Darwin? Fuck yeah! Crazy synth action on this one. Get's downright spooky at times.

This band's album YS will  make you feel like your running around with Scooby Doo and the gang in some door chase scene escaping some dude in a shitty frankenstein mask. Creepy, atmospheric, wacky and rocks to boot!

Known for their brilliant scores to Agrento's films, dig deeper and their non soundtrack albums are just as remarkable.

Gotta include this one

The synth work by this band is as miraculous as it is intense. On this track, fingers fly as fast and furious over the keys as any Lost Sound records you got in yer collection.

Another band i've rewritten about before on this blog and hey... they got  reissued and some praise from Pitchfork thanks to a compilation of tunes with new mixes. Though im not a fan of these retooled mixes Sensations Fix is worthy enough to investigate all of their original 70's output.

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