Friday, June 29, 2012

Burial Hex

Clay Ruby's Burial Hex is a dark trip into demonic ambient post-industrial unease. Perfect background music for your next incantation, possession, exorcism, or family fun night around the ouija board. He has a VAST catalog so i'm gonna put up my favorite sonic nuggets below via bandcamp links. (Note. if you're reading in google reader bandcamp doesn't show up,  you're gonna have to actually go to my blog!)

First up is my favorite, the 20 minute "In Psychic Defense" a protection spell in the form of music. Starts with guitars and gentle chimes with Nick Cave-y in The Birthday Party's "Deep in the Woods" vocals. Some wispy ambient drone, then creepy black metal cookie monster deep growling, THEEEEN a goth dance jam. Gonna have to hop on discogs and track down that limited edish vinyl folks.

"The Night" is the most recent release and one of the most accessible. Well orchestrated electronics and monk chants. The companion track "Brighter Than The Day" is a really groovy beats and screams jam.

I love when Ruby remix's his work and Hunger (Burial Hex Nativity Forefeast Remix) is no exception to that devotion. Swirly goth-y moody dance track that feels less for dancing and more for enticing spirits out of their hiding spots. Dat bass just throbs and throbs and throbs.....

Some menacing, brooding tracks off the split he did with Zola Jesus.

Next is Initiations: a dark suffocating fever dream of an album. Analog power electronics rip through your skull as tortured souls scream in the dark. Don't play this at night by yourself, i'm pretty sure you'll go insane, but thats exactly what I do when reading a good book... This is the do or die point, thee line in the sand so to speak, for whether or not you're gonna like this dudes work. It only gets more "out there" after this.

Burial Hex & Ludo Mich feels like a dark cosmic journey into the mind of a tortured schizophrenic. This thing gurgles and spews and twists and grinds. Ooooooo weee this thang will fuck you up!

Check out this video for one of the tracks off of The Book of Delusions which you can yonk the vinyl off of Brave Mysteries.

There are a gazillion more awesome tracks on bandcamp that you are hopefully gonna check out now that I have initiated you into the world of Clay Ruby's Burial Hex.

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