Thursday, September 15, 2011

Davila 666

I want this record mother fuckers. Sucks that I go to the record store(s) and cant find ANYTHING that I want anymore. I gotta purchase on the innets and I HAAAAAATE that (did i just commit a white whine?). But 'nuff of the jibber jabbery, you need to dive your face right into a big ole pie of Davila 666's "Tan Bajo". This has got enough gargage punk chunky goodness to make the summer feel like it never ended. I dont understand a godamn word they are saying but damn man they sure do bring the noise on this release. Whats with garage rock taking over lately? I'm not against it! Its going in all different willie nillie directions and its fucking cool as hell bro. ::FIST POUND::

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