Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LANTERN Wants to come to YOUR TOWN

Hey boys and girls this post has been delayed too long! I keep forgetting to write this but no more shall I forget! Lantern needs your help to get their proposed tour of America off the ground and rollin into your god forsaken little shit of a town to blast the demons of lameness outa your rock n roll deprived soul. They've started a Kickstarter right here and they ask politely for your dineros padre. You can get some cool Lantern swag with the more money's you drop on them, including 5 guitar lessons by Lantern mastermind and guitar slinger Zachary (that is if you got the hundred bucks, and you do, you capitalist dog!) So be a rad dude and help these fellas out! They are 89% there! I wanna see them pull into town and do what they do LIVE mother fuckers!

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