Thursday, January 20, 2011

Timmy's Organism - Rise of the Green Gorilla

With more distortion drenched wah wah guitar fury than your little turd of a brain can handle comes Timmy's Organism straight out of Detroit, Michigan. How have I never heard of this Timmy guy before? Immediately after hearing this album I went out bought all this guys output I could find which includes Human Eye and Clone Defects. Both bands equally impressive in their own right do not hold a candle to anything on Rise of the Green Gorilla!

The opening song "Ugly Dream" has drums like plastic oil barrels that just fucking pummel you into submission, while searing hot guitar flames shoot off into the stratosphere only to pull you back down and drag your filthy face into the mud and grime of an abandoned Detroit factory floor. Timmy's voice bellows as if he's rallying a call for all burnouts, freaks, and mutants to assemble against some other worldly danger. The laughing at the end of this song only solidifies in my mind that this man is possessed by the power of rock n roll in its most pure form and we are only here to bear witness to its awesome endowment.

There are tracks on this album that come so far outa left field I'm just floored and jealous that I didn't come up with it first. Take "Oafeus Gods" for instance. What the hell is holding this song together? It sounds like a rusted old machine with nuts and bolts flying off , the gears are grinding, and yet its still trucking, with Timmy singing like he's the most carefree guy in world. I am completely enamoured and entranced by it.

Then comes "Building the Friend-ship" and you fucking GET this band. An instrumental to the likes of Eno's "Golden Hours" (which isn't instrumental) having stinky monkey sex with with the early Chrome output. Its haunting, weird and when that guitar part comes in, stunning. Like aliens trying to replicate what music is supposed to sound like and failing, but in an oh-so-good way.

"Give it to me Baby" is punk infused garage rock spewing neon green keyboard bile all over your orifices. " Impregnate the Martian Queen" is a jaunting little diddy with garage rock vocal musings over decaying synthesizers and broken guitar equipment. "Move to the Sun Wave" is retard E.T. cowboy crooning at its fucked up finest. And sheesh, we have finally reached the summit of "Silver Mountain" a meditative spoken word mood piece, complete with synth farts and squiggles to make for freaky time. The closer "The Traveler" is a harrowing walk through somber and gentle guitar lines that leave you in another state of mind entirely different from the beginning of the record but still fits in the same universe as the record was made in. Get that?

They say that music releases dopamine in the brain, even releases it when you just think about a particular piece of music. Dopamine must be spilling out my eyeballs by the time I'm done listening to this record. Truly a magnificent release. Go. Go now and get this. Make an alter around your turntable, transform into a mutant ape creature, start a fire in the middle of your room, and bask in the glory that is Timmy's Organism Rise of the Green Gorilla. I'd also advise you to soak up whatever green slime is pouring out of this guys plastic cerebellum in the future, in fact get a bucket and save some for me.

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  1. Hey buddy, thank you so much for such an amazing review of my album
    very sweet of you. Let me know when i'm in your town i'll buy you a few rounds!! TIMMY.