Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I'm working CMJ this year at Cake Shop for only one reason: to film R. Cole Furlow's Dead Gaze. I feel in love with this project after he dropped the tape End Of Days, Why Not You? a little while back. I cant get enough of this weirdo, synthy, alien, middle American, Neofolk, music.
The opener "Back and Forth" reminds me of early Flaming Lips recorded on a VHS tape in your basement. Chugging with simple distortion drenched chords and layered with hazy vocals. A party anthem for the burnt out if you will. "Your Ozzie Face" could only have been recorded in between coasts. Chugging acoustic guitars, a buzzing synth, and floating keys make for a tragic, sad,detached feeling but surprisingly a snug little layer of warmth. Like looking back at your high school years later. The instrumental "Song for RS" with its ethereal synths casts images of longing ghosts wondering in barren corn fields seeking each other but fading upon touch. "Honesty" is down right haunting. I love the lyric and how Furlow whines out "You don't know what its like to be honest now". Like a midwest skater kid crying at the end of a bong wishing his girlfriend would come back. Sounds silly but surprisingly heartfelt and emotional.
I think Furlow's music has a little similarity with Neon Indian and Kurt Vile but has carved out a little place for himself to stand apart and have his own sound. I can't wait to see how all this music is brought together live!

DEAD GAZE - Back and Forth from DEAD GAZE on Vimeo.

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