Sunday, August 16, 2009


Found this awesome graphic novel in The Strand a little while back. Breathtaker written by Mark Wheatley and drawn fantastically by Marc Hempel was originally published by DC comics in the early 90's.  
The plot revolves around government experiments and a pretty girl named Chase Darrow who is addicted to finding true love. She has guys falling all over her, unfortunately for the guys, loving her means death. Kissing her is kind like kissing Rogue from X-Men. She sucks the life right out of them and they age rapidly.  I think everybody can kinda relate to that...
I won't give anymore away but lets just say there's a reality show government super hero called aptly, The Man, a devoted, love crazy, group of ex lovers, and a hilarious scene with a moose. 
The story and the art just make this collection. The warm colors surround your eye and you just wanna fall in! Ahhh the colors duke, the colors! I can't recommend this more! 

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